Berluti Branding

Enhancing Berluti’s heritage by modernising their brand image and logo, along with the creation of a bespoke typeface.


The Berluti logotype was drawn from archival specimens of the Cochin typeface and retains the quirky roughness of the original letterforms. The asymetrical configuration of Berluti and the Paris subscript encourages the eye to move around the mark.


A bespoke typeface Berluti Cochin extends the unique character of the logotype with its accentuated ascenders, large caps, contrasting non-aligning numbers, and the unique roughness of the letterforms.


Forensically shot products capture both the exquisite materials and the unparalleled craftsmanship synonymous with Berluti throughout time.


The clean, forensic photography is juxtaposed with the quirky Berluti Cochin Logotype. These combined elements are presented with simplicity and elegance something also at the core of the Berluti brand, as highlighted by their single-piece leather shoe.