A History of Prada: Campaigns

Over 120 campaigns created in a collaboration lasting 23 years. DJA presents an edit of the most iconic Prada campaigns.

Cinematic Realism

The campaigns from 1997 and 1998 were created to look like atmospheric film stills.

Spring Summer 1997
Fall Winter 1997 Women
Fall Winter 1997 Men
Spring Summer 1998

Pioneering Virtual Reality

Campaigns from the Millenium onwards anticipated the aesthetics and themes of a digital future with their humanistic hyper realities.

Fall Winter 1998
Fall Winter 1999 Men
Fall Winter 1999 Women
Fall Winter 2002 Men

Prada Sport

Revolutionary performance sports and fashion wear.

Prada Sport Spring Summer 2001
Prada Sport Spring Summer 1998
Prada Sport Fall Winter 1999

New Realism

Spring Summer campaigns of 2000 and 2001. Everyday life re-staged in exquisite detail.

Spring Summer 2001
Spring Summer 2000

Character Studies

Portraiture campaigns of the 2000’s expressed the uniqueness of the Prada personality.

Spring Summer 2003 Women
Fall Winter 2002 Women
Spring Summer 2002
Spring Summer 2005
Spring Summer 2010 Women
Spring Summer 2013 Women


From dancers to warriors, expressing the collective intellects in the 2000s and 2010s.

Spring Summer 2011 Women
Spring Summer 2004 Women
Fall Winter 2007 Women
Spring Summer 2009 Women
Spring Summer 2012 Women
Fall Winter 2015 Women
Resort 2015
Fall Winter 2016 Women

Prada Is A Stage

…for the greatest actors in the world to perform on.

Fall Winter 2015 Men
Fall Winter 2012 Men
Spring Summer 2012 Men
Spring Summer 2013 Men
Fall Winter 2013 Men
Spring Summer 2015 Men
Fall Winter 2016 Men

Prada 365

A radical system of continuous visual communication, targeting every consumer in the prada demographic from Gen Z to Baby Boomers.

Spring Summer 2017
Fall Winter 2017
Spring Summer 2018
Spring Summer 2019
Fall Winter 2019