A History of Prada: Film

An edit of campaigns brought to life in film from DJA’s 23 years collaboration with Prada.

All That Jazz

1920s jazz dancehall posters reanimated for the 21st century in spring summer 2011.

Spring Summer 2011 Women

Pit Stop

The glamorous participants in a custom car rally stop for gas in spring summer 2012.

Spring Summer 2012 Women

Petal Storm

Inspired by film trailers from the French New Wave era, a chain reaction of events builds to a perfect storm in spring summer 2013.

Spring Summer 2013 Women

That’s Entertainment

The camera is turned on the audience in spring summer 2014.

Spring Summer 2014 Women

Modern Movement

The choreography of meta-femininity in fall winter 2015.

Fall Winter 2015 Women

A New Wave

Post-punk minimalist record sleeves inspire fall winter 2015.

Fall Winter 2015 Men

Fast Forward

Fearless female warriors transgress the plains of time and space in spring summer 2016.

Fractal Narratives

A kaleidoscopic sequence of film scenes collide in spring summer 2017 for Prada 365.

Spring Summer 2017
Spring Summer 2017 Men

Real Life Comics

Comic strip fantasies come to life in downtown LA in spring summer 2018

Spring Summer 2018 Women

Neon Dream

A surreal dream like performance blends with the neon lights of Las Vegas in fall winter 2018

Fall Winter 18 Women

Double Exposure

Multiple castings experience parallel realities within the duality of their personas in spring summer 2019.

Spring Summer 2019

Anatomy of Romance

A gathering of goth romantics find electric love in the industrial garden of Eden in fall winter 2019.

Fall Winter 2019