Net-A-Porter: Campaigns

Net-A-Porter takes a new approach through three campaigns: Daring to dress differently with inspiring characters, bold imagery and directional styling.


Presenting a new mood in fashion for Spring Summer 2021 at Net-A-Porter: bold, colourful and uplifting.
With a sense of fun and optimism, the campaign questions if you are ready to wear the new seasonal collections.

Campaign Film

A fashion shoot spills out into the streets, inspiring a procession of free flowing dancing into the night.

Fashion Stills

Product Films

A series of short clips focus on the essential dresses, tailoring, bags and jewellery.

TikTok Films

A series of clips feature the campaign dancers smashing the key looks.

Fall Winter 2021

The Fall Winter 2021 Campaign captures individuality and creativity through the transformative power of fashion and how it makes you feel.

A diverse cast come together and celebrate how they express their identity, representing their style as individuals.

Campaign Film

The film embodies contagious energy paired with the celebration of self-expression through the fluidity of fashion.

Fashion Stills

Product Film

Short films, Showcasing the seasons signature pieces.

TikTok Films

In a fast-paced and dynamic montage, we are invited to follow the cast member inside the Dressing Room. Here we see details of outfits being worn in close-up frames shot in an abstract yet dynamic manner and ending with a full reveal of the look, showing the cast member stepping through the curtains out of the dressing room.

Holiday 2021

Celebrate the joy of fashion – a world of color, emotion, and fun, the holiday season embodies these exact sentiments at its core.

The Holiday Campaign captures the joy of the festive season through a contemporary lens, giving it a fresh point of view.

Campaign Films

In a series of films, we see our cast captured 
in imaginative, dream-like sets that play with shape, scale, and perspective, 
in a subtly surreal interpretation of the festive season.

Holiday Dressing and Gifting Film
Holiday Dressing Film
Holiday Gifting Film

Fashion Stills

Still Life

The holiday campaign is further transported into product still lives, with a set that embodies a sense of fun and surprise, playing with exaggerated scale and referencing architecture through a stylised and surreal point of view.

TikTok Films

In a surreal short film, we see the cast being teleported and duplicated through the set.