Branding Refresh

Designed to elevate Berluti’s heritage and passion for modernity, a new logo and typeface was created, based on the original Berluti typeface. These graphic elements were paired with a new image direction focussed on showcasing Berluti’s exquisite products and craftsmanship.

Berluti Cochin


Still life campaigns with high definition product photography highlight the unparalleled craftsmanship and modernity at the heart of the brand.

Fall Winter 2017 Advertising
Spring Summer 2018 Advertising


Elegant layouts, typography and design reinforce the core brand attributes of heritage, craftsmanship and quality with ultra modern simplicity.

Catalogue FW 2017


Beautifully refined design, typography and materials exude the same craftsmanship and quality that characterise the brand.

FW 2018 Invite
FW 2017 Invite
SS 2017 Invite