Family Portrait Magazine
Issue 01

Centered around family and relationships, Family Portrait Magazine is a series of visual essays revealing intimate and personal insights from its contributors and exploring the depth and dynamic behind the meaning of family.


With a total of 9 vibrant covers, Issue 01 documents personal stories from the following photographers:

Coco Capitán
Samuel Bradley
Max Farago
Glen Luchford
Laura Jane Coulson
Brendan Freeman
Elaine Constantine
Mel Bles & Steve Harries
Sean Thomas

A New Kind of Freedom,
by Coco Capitán.

A story about the community and friendship felt between women. Whippets football team captured in Sweden, 2019.

Get In Larry!
by Samuel Bradley.

The story of an unexpected friendship with six children in South Africa.

Moments of Summer,
by Laura Jane Coulson.

A collection of photographs documenting a friendship group over recent summers.

Dear Rose,
by Brendan Freeman.

A visual essay featuring Rose Daniels in her hometown of Jackson Mississippi, 2019.

Tea Dance,
by Elaine Constantine.

Documenting an unexpectedly vibrant dance scene in Manchester, captured in the early noughties.

Billy The Kid,
by Glen Luchford.

A series of heart-warming stills capturing the spirit of childhood, with a focus on Glen’s son, Billy.

La Mar,
by Max Farago.

Documenting the women closest to the photographer’s heart.

Fela Kuti Family Reunion,
by Sean Thomas.

A story of laughter, love, tears and tribulations.

Family Histories,
by Mel Bles & Steve Harries.

A journey into a part of Mel Bless’s family history in Vienna.


Conceived and designed by DJA, the magazine’s aesthetic is understated and paired back, allowing the imagery to take centre stage. The vibrant colours and script typeface add to the humanist warmth of the content.