Salvatore Ferragamo
Best of Digital Content 2018

1. Studio Bag

A day in the life of an inspiring practicing artist at her studio.

Teaser Stories

Each of the short films correspond to a different stage of the creative process – contemplation, creation and completion – working together as part of a series or as stand-alone assets.


2. Flower Invasion

Building a bigger story around the key theme of the collection – the Flower.
A series of posts narrating the message; from teaser visuals to close-up details.

Teaser Clips

3. Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday originated as a Western Christian liturgical feast…our visuals draw inspiration from flower arrangements placed artfully on plinths.

Gif Animations

4. Chinese New Year

A celebration of the Year of the Dog inspired by Chinese iconography and its ancient shadow puppets.

Stills & Animations